Puppet Fluffy

My puppet's name is Fluffy and he is 7 years old.  He is as brown as a bear and he has a blue nose.  Fluffy has a black mouth and a red tongue.  Fluffy has yellow eyes and black pupils.  His hair feels like a piece of fluff.  He lives in a tower.  He lives with two kids.  Fluffy likes to play lego.

Rockey is Awesome!

My puppet's name is Rockey. He is 9 years old. He is skin is orangey brown. His tongue is as red as blood. His mouth is black. He has white eyes with black pupils.He has eight fingers and four fingers on each hand.

Rockey wants to see what people can build and watch people play rugby. He wants to play rugby. He wants to see a kick over the post off a tee.

He is nice, strong and a sporty kid.  He use his imagination and he's brave.  Rockey's got a little temper and sometimes he is funny.

Rockey likes to play tag with his friends. He plays rugby and he likes to play kicks over the rugby posts.

Fuppet Marley

His name is puppet Marley. He is light purple with a yellow mouth and white eyes with black pupils. His hair is like giant black jelly beans and he has a bright green nose.

Marley has a great sense of humour and is very creative. He is hardworking and honest all the time.

 He lives in a giant tree house. 674 Troll Street.

He loves to play with his friends and play rugby. He has a Xbox 360 but dose not play on it that much. He likes to travel around the world.

Puppet Sarge

My puppet's yellow and its name is Sarge.  He has a purple mouth and he is 21 years old.  He has dark blue hair with red and blue eye covers.  Sarge has a grey tongue and yellow arms.

My puppets is creative because he likes Lego and takes care of the elderly.  He helps other people.  

He lives with his brother. Sarge likes to play with his friends.  He likes to go to school, have fun and to be good at his grade.   

Fuppet Pinkberry

My puppets name is Pinkberry.  She is 5 years old.  Pinkberry's body colour is the colour of pink berries.  Her skin is smooth and soft.  Pinkberry's hair is soft, white messy plaits.  Under her eyes are light blue.  Her eye caps are light pink, a highlight pink that shimmers in the sun. She has a purple love heart tongue that is smooth.  Pinkberry has a blue foam bucket with a dark blue pipe cleaner handles.  It has different swirls on it and a rainbow with a lot of colours.

My puppet feels cheerful in the inside because she is always in a good mood to see her family and friends.  She is always cheerful when her friends or family win a prize or a game.

My puppet has one brother called Purpleberry. Purpleberry is loving. He cares about his family and his friends.   My puppet has a pet dog called Poppy. Her pet is fluffy and white with brown eyes and a wishy tail.  Her parents names are Mrs Red Berry and Mr Blue Berry. Some people call them Mrs Berry and Mr Berry. Pinkberry's Dad is a builder and her Mum is a spy. Pinkberry lives in Puppet Valley, on Puppet Street 303.

My puppet like to go to princesses parties.   She likes to go to the park with her friends. She loves going to the movies with her family.  Pinkberry's favorite sport is swimming. She loves making things.  Her favorite subject is reading. Pink Berry helps her mum clean the house.


My puppet's name is Ninja he is 9 years old.  He is bold but has soft ginger hair behind his eyes. Ninja has smooth fur like a juicy lime and he has shiny white eyes.  Ninja has a red mouth plate and a green tongue.  His nose is like a funky clown.  His eyes are black like the dark.  

My puppet likes sport, soccer, basketball, cricket and touch.  He is intelligent and smart about science and always finds a solution.  Ninja is fast at running in races and creative at making stuff up. 

He's enthusiastic, full of energy and is a team player.  Ninja lives near the beach with his Mum, Dad and sister.  He plays soccer and scored 21 goals.  He loves reading any books.

Puppet Crazy

My puppet's name is Crazy and he is 9years old.  He has rainbow hair and a long fringe over his eye.  He has purple skin and a green nose.  Crazy likes cars and games.  He also likes outside games and video games.  His favorite food is fish and chips.  Crazy likes it because they use his favorite fish rig.  He likes lego games and building lego houses and lego cars.

Puppet Jazz

My puppet's name is Jazz Layla Candy and she is 14 years old.  She has button eyes, an orange nose and bright yellow skin like the sun. She has a red mouth with a pink love heart tongue. Her birthday is 24th March.  She has two buck teeth like a nerd on a movie.  Her bucket is orange with spirals  and sparkles.  Her amazing hair is a red kind of orange colour in a bun, with a pink and green scrunchy.  

Jazz is enthusiastic about dancing, funny with her jokes creative with art.  She is sometimes moody and anxious about getting bullied about her teeth.

Jazz lives her mum, dad and her sister Layla in their mansion at Puppet Valley.  She goes to Puppet Valley High School.  Her best friend is Smiggle and her friends are: Layla, Abagail,  Passion, Big Red and Raro.  Jazz does dance four times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday).  She does jazz, hip hop and ballet

Jazz loves to dance with her sister, do create art about candy.  She like to listen to music and she loves makeup.

Fuppet Mixy

My puppet is called Mixy and she thirteen.  Her birthday is the 25th December.  She has very soft skin.  Her nose is hard like very hard rock.  She has three different types of hair.  The color of those three different types are: pink, purple and blue.  Her hair is as sparkly as glitter.  The light pink is as soft and fluffy as a sofa.  The dark pink is as soft as a bunch of grass.  The color of her skin is pink.  The eye color is yellow.  The top of her eye lids are a very dark pink and the under layer of the eye is light blue. The color of Mixy's tongue is light pink and the shape of the tongue is a heart.

My puppet feels happy inside because she can do her maths and read.  Those are her good things that she can do.  The first thing that she does when she comes home straight from school is clean her room. Then she does her homework.  After that she makes her bed and has something to eat.  Her favourite foods are strawberries, potatoes, pizza, fish 'n chips, MacDonald's and meat.

My puppet likes to do reading, writing, maths and drawing.  She likes drawing so she can remember her family when they die.

Fuppet Abigail

My puppet's name is Abigail Lolpop.  She is 11 years old.  She is dark pink like candy and has light pink eye lids.  She has orange pink and purple hair.  Abigail Lolpop has yellow eyes, a green nose and a blue mouth.

She is very funny and loves to laugh.  She loves to dance and loves to act.

She lives in a motel with her mum and dad.  The motel has a swimming pool.  She has six friends called Jazz, Layla, Smiggle, Passion, Big red and Raro.


Appearance:  My puppet's name is Raspberry.  Raspberry is six years old.  She has dark pink hair, a orange mouth plate with a dark purple tongue.  Her body is white with red, orange, green, yellow and blue bits of wool on her. She has light pink eye caps. Raspberry's hair feels so soft just like a pillow. Her nose is squashy like play-dough.

Personality: Raspberry feels happy inside because she can't wait to meet new friends and get to know them. Like what there name is and how old they are.
Life: Raspberry lives near the clear blue sea in a wooden house.  She loves to climb on the big rocks in the water. Raspberry has a big brother. Her brother is nice and always plays with her if she is lonely.  Raspberry's mum has dark purple glasses and has really long hair. Raspberry always has a walk every day with her family.

Hobbies: Raspberry likes to: climb big rocks, play board games, talk to people for hours, meet new friends, swim , make up songs and sing. When Raspberry is climbing big rocks she pretends that she is  a lizard.

Fuppet Fizzy

Fizzy is 6 years old.  His eyes are yellowy yellow with pitch black pupils. His hair is sparkling green and blue. Fizzy's eyelids are blood red and so is his tongue.  His nose is ocean blue.
Fizzy's mouth is grassy green.  He's as thin as a pencil.  His skin is sky blue.  Fizzy caps are also ocean blue.

Personality: Fizzy is really moody, super creative.  He's the funniest person I know.  He is a really great team player, super brave,  kind to people, caring, very friendly, super helpful, hard working and super thoughtful.

Fizzy lives at 728 Sun Street Avenue.  His last name is Steven.  He goes to bed at 7:30 pm and wakes up at 6:00.  He lives with his Mum, Dad and big brother Samuel.  He likes rugby and baking.  He likes cricket, loved kapahaka and the Wii.

Purple Grape

Appearance: My puppet's name is Purple Grape.  She is seven years old.  Her hair is short, sparkly and frizzy like the end of the mop.  She has soft, foam yellow eyes.  She a has dark blue eye caps and deep green underneath her eyes.  Her nose is light pink, fluffy and small.  Her mouth is as red as a rose that's just bloomed.  Her tongue is a highlight pink strip.  Her skin is a deep smooth purple.  Her bucket is dark purple with dark blue, yellow and red stripes.  It has red dots around the top.  It has silver sparkles on it.  The handle is a dark sparkly pink.

Personality: Purple Grape's personality is loving and creative.  She is good at making toys, painting, making things with wood and making cards.  She admirers good and hard work.  She also helps her class friends and her family at home.  She helps her brother when he needs help with his work and helps mum around the house.

Life: My puppet lives with her big twelve year old brother and his name is Crazy hair.  He is dark blue with spiky yellow, red and green hair.  He has a yellow mouth plate and dark orange tongue and matching nose.  His nose is big and soft.  His eyes are white with brown fluffy stinking out from his eyes.  Her mum's name is Poppy and she is thirty.

Purple Grape is interested in tennis and she practices in her spare time even thought she doesn't do tennis lessons.   Her tennis racket is dark purple.  She also likes singing and she plays flute and drums.  She writes songs and she has written five so far.  Her favourite food is salad sandwiches.

Puppet Max

My puppets name is Max and he is 180 years old.  His colour is deep pink.  His bucket is a good bucket and he has a red tongue and its as red as a strawberry.  His eyes are white as the sky.  His hair is black and white.

Max is clever and he works for charity.  He is cool.  He works hard.  Max lives in china and he is happy.

He likes his friends. Max is hard working and he is going fine. He speaks Chinese his family is good. He has a good family and a good life. He loves his family. Max has pets.  His pets have names.  Their names are Maxy and Indie. He likes playing. He likes reading and his is favourite book is The Three Little Pigs.

Twinkle Toes

Name: Twinkle Toes
Age: 17 years old
The colour of the puppet is purple.  She has dark purple eye caps and a red nose. Twinkle Toes has white eyes with black pupils.  She has a red mouth plate and a bright pink tongue.  The under lay of the eyes are red.  Twinkles skin is kind of smooth and rough.  She has pink glitzy hair like a frizzy mop. Twinkle has a purple bucket with pink, blue, red and green spirals and a red handle and glitter spirals.  The puppets eyes are foam.

My puppet is creative on the inside and even if she falls off the biggest cliff ever she will survive.e My puppet is intelligent, funny, friendly,  polite and sometimes moody.  She is kind, loving, honest, enthusiastic, hard working and caring.

What your puppet likes to do:
My puppet likes to go on adventures, mystery hunts, treasure hunts and likes to build huts.   Twinkle likes to eat lollies, watch TV, play video games and likes to play with the photocopier.

Fuppet Crazy Eyes

My fuppet's name is Crazy Eyes and he is 9 years old.  He has blue skin and yellow eyes.  One of his pupils are big and one of his pupils are small that's why he is called Crazy Eyes.  Crazy Eyes' nose is green and it is fluffy.  He has no hair, but he has fluff behind his eyes.  The colour of the fluff of fur behind his eyes are brown.

Crazy Eyes is honest, caring and loving.  He is caring because when people are hurt he will take care of them.

He lives at my house with my Brother, my Mum, my Dad.  He also has pets.  He has a cat called Delly and a dog called Roxy.  He likes to play soccer with his friends.  He also loves school.

Puppet Layla

My puppets name is Layla Jazz Candy. She is 10 years old and her birthday is the 28th of June. My puppets pink and purple hair is as wavy as the sea. Her eyelashes flutter as she blinks. Her mouth is purple with a pink love heart as a tongue. Her skin is as green as slime running through your hands. Layla's nose is purple and her eyes are green with purple underlay.

Layla's personality is creative with different equipment and she is loving to her family and friends. She is also a team player, so she makes new friends fast and she's a bit moody well a lot. Layla lives with her sister Jazz and her Mum and Dad. They live in a mansion that is 45 storeys high. Her room is on the 11th floor, Room 12, next to her sister's room and the playroom.

Her friends are Smiggle, Abigail, Jazz, Passion, Raro and Big Red. She goes to Puppet Valley School. Her Mum and Dad over spend on their daughters!!! Layla loves playing barbies. She loves reading books and she is very smart.

Layla likes to dance with her sister and friends. Layla and her sister are famous. In their mansion they go on the elevator and push all the buttons to go on all the floors.


Fuppet Fuzzy

Fuzzy has smooth yellow skin.  Fuzzy has black and white hair, a red mouth and a chocolate black tongue.  He has a smooth white nose, as white as the fluffy clouds in the sky.  Fluffy is 11 years old and has eyes as big as a ping pong balls.

Fluffy is as happy as a cheerful chipmunk.  He is fantastic at art, likes building lego and loves going outside on the trampoline in the sun.

He lives in a two storey house with his parents.  He does acting for fun in the holidays.  He likes to do art, trampolining, skateboarding, movie making and sky diving.

Fuppet Passion

I made a puppet its name is called Passion and she is 11 years old. Passion's skin is as blue as the sky.  She's got ginger plates, a red mouth and a purple love heart tongue.  Passion has eyes as yellow as the sun.  She has purple eye caps and a small light green nose. Passion has a green eye under-lay.

Passion is a bit moody sometimes, but when she's not moody Passion is very friendly. She's funny and really good at telling jokes. Passion is very caring and loving.  She's honest and proud of what she is. Passion is very creative and positive. She's quite curios and intelligent as well.

Jazz, Smiggle, Abigail, Layla and Raro as her friends. She lives with her Mum, Dad and sister at 184 London Ave.  Her family are a loving and caring and give her lots of opportunity.

What my puppet likes to do:
Passion likes to ski, read, play netball, go for walks and go shopping with her friends.  She loves walking dogs, drawing, putting on make up, going out for dinner and telling jokes!

Big Red

My puppets name is Big Red.  He is 11 years old.  He has fluffy red skin with a yellow mouth plate  and with a nice ruby red tongue.  Big Red's hair looks like big jelly beans.  His birthday is the 29th of June 2003.  His nickname is Elmo.

Big Reds personality is cheerful but if you make the wrong move he changes into an angry puppet. The reason why he is sometimes angry because no one respects his awesome  acting.

Big Red lives with his mum - Angela his dad - Shane  sister - Chloe  brother - Ashton  and his beautiful owner Taylah  and with his best friends  snuggles the puppet and cuddles the puppet he lives at 18 bungle berry place.

My puppet loves to play basketball and he plays basketball  on Thursdays.  He really likes Shortland Street and Home and Away.  On friday nights he invites his friends over and they sit on the 2 seater couch, with a blanket over them, and eat popcorn and watch a horror movies.

Fuppet Smiggle

Last term my class wrote about our puppets.  We used similes to make our writing sound interesting.
This is my descriptive writing.

APPEARANCE: My puppet's name is called Smiggle and she is eight years old.  She has lovely soft dark blue hair and a dark blue tongue.  Her skin is as soft as my cats fluffy fur.  Smiggle has an emerald green nose.  Smiggle's bucket is dark orange with dark blue stripes.  It also has red and blue darker dots.  Her eyes are black with a light blue eye cap that is the same colour as her skin.

PERSONALITY: Smiggle's personality is funky and funny. She hates bullies and her favourite animal is fish.  Smiggle wants to go shopping all the time, but sometimes she can be a bit annoying.   Smiggle never talks to strangers.

LIFE: Smiggle has a best friend called Jazz and lives with her mum and dad.  Her friends are also Raro, Abigail, Passion,  Layla and Big Red.

WHAT YOUR PUPPET LIKES TO DO:Smiggle likes to go for walks almost every, day but not when she's busy.  She loves to colour in and does really good drawings as good as an artist.  Smiggle likes to spend time with her friends and she's a bit cheeky most times.

Mr Fluff

My puppet's name is Mr fluff and he is 20 years old.  He has eyes as yellow as a banana skin.  His skin has so many colours.   He has got a dark blue mouth and a red tongue.  Mr fluff's nose is as blue as blueberries.  Mr fluff dose not have hair but he has fluff behind his eyes.

Mr Fluff's personality is funny, creative and hard working.

Mr fluff has a brother called Mischief and a cat called Blinkey.  Mr Fluff dose not have a mum or a dad.  Mr fluff only has a Grandma and a brother that live in Lolia.

Mr Fluff likes to: eat lollies, he loves maths, rides bikes and scooters, and going for walks.

Fuppet raro

My puppet's name is Raro.  She is 13 years old.  Her skin is as green as a lime.  She has wavy plats that are pink, orange, purple and a silky pink hat.  Her eyes are as white as snow with a purple eye cap.  She also has black and purple eye lashes, the purple is sparkly.  She has a round purple nose.  The inside of her mouth is light pink.  Raro has a love heart tongue that is light purple.

When Raro is sad she plays on the swing or eats to cheer herself up.  Her favorite food is noodles.  When she does drama she feels happy.  She is also happy when she is on the swing or in the pool.  She is shy on the stage, but when she's not she's is very lively.

Raro lives with my family and I.  She does everything with me.  She goes to my violin lessons and I take her to her saxophone lessons.  She helps me take my dog for a walk.  She loves playing board games.

 Raro wants to travel the world.
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