Puppet Jazz

My puppet's name is Jazz Layla Candy and she is 14 years old.  She has button eyes, an orange nose and bright yellow skin like the sun. She has a red mouth with a pink love heart tongue. Her birthday is 24th March.  She has two buck teeth like a nerd on a movie.  Her bucket is orange with spirals  and sparkles.  Her amazing hair is a red kind of orange colour in a bun, with a pink and green scrunchy.  

Jazz is enthusiastic about dancing, funny with her jokes creative with art.  She is sometimes moody and anxious about getting bullied about her teeth.

Jazz lives her mum, dad and her sister Layla in their mansion at Puppet Valley.  She goes to Puppet Valley High School.  Her best friend is Smiggle and her friends are: Layla, Abagail,  Passion, Big Red and Raro.  Jazz does dance four times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday).  She does jazz, hip hop and ballet

Jazz loves to dance with her sister, do create art about candy.  She like to listen to music and she loves makeup.

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