Appearance:  My puppet's name is Raspberry.  Raspberry is six years old.  She has dark pink hair, a orange mouth plate with a dark purple tongue.  Her body is white with red, orange, green, yellow and blue bits of wool on her. She has light pink eye caps. Raspberry's hair feels so soft just like a pillow. Her nose is squashy like play-dough.

Personality: Raspberry feels happy inside because she can't wait to meet new friends and get to know them. Like what there name is and how old they are.
Life: Raspberry lives near the clear blue sea in a wooden house.  She loves to climb on the big rocks in the water. Raspberry has a big brother. Her brother is nice and always plays with her if she is lonely.  Raspberry's mum has dark purple glasses and has really long hair. Raspberry always has a walk every day with her family.

Hobbies: Raspberry likes to: climb big rocks, play board games, talk to people for hours, meet new friends, swim , make up songs and sing. When Raspberry is climbing big rocks she pretends that she is  a lizard.


  1. Rasberry what beautiful soft hair! Ruth

  2. Wow I love you puppet she sounds like she is having lots of fun climbing rocks.


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