My puppet's name is Ninja he is 9 years old.  He is bold but has soft ginger hair behind his eyes. Ninja has smooth fur like a juicy lime and he has shiny white eyes.  Ninja has a red mouth plate and a green tongue.  His nose is like a funky clown.  His eyes are black like the dark.  

My puppet likes sport, soccer, basketball, cricket and touch.  He is intelligent and smart about science and always finds a solution.  Ninja is fast at running in races and creative at making stuff up. 

He's enthusiastic, full of energy and is a team player.  Ninja lives near the beach with his Mum, Dad and sister.  He plays soccer and scored 21 goals.  He loves reading any books.


  1. Great, Descriptive Writing. You described it a lot I have picture in my head great work.

  2. I love how you've done your descriptive writing. It's very descriptive.PS: I love your puppet. Your friend Neco


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