Fuppet Passion

I made a puppet its name is called Passion and she is 11 years old. Passion's skin is as blue as the sky.  She's got ginger plates, a red mouth and a purple love heart tongue.  Passion has eyes as yellow as the sun.  She has purple eye caps and a small light green nose. Passion has a green eye under-lay.

Passion is a bit moody sometimes, but when she's not moody Passion is very friendly. She's funny and really good at telling jokes. Passion is very caring and loving.  She's honest and proud of what she is. Passion is very creative and positive. She's quite curios and intelligent as well.

Jazz, Smiggle, Abigail, Layla and Raro as her friends. She lives with her Mum, Dad and sister at 184 London Ave.  Her family are a loving and caring and give her lots of opportunity.

What my puppet likes to do:
Passion likes to ski, read, play netball, go for walks and go shopping with her friends.  She loves walking dogs, drawing, putting on make up, going out for dinner and telling jokes!

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