Fuppet raro

My puppet's name is Raro.  She is 13 years old.  Her skin is as green as a lime.  She has wavy plats that are pink, orange, purple and a silky pink hat.  Her eyes are as white as snow with a purple eye cap.  She also has black and purple eye lashes, the purple is sparkly.  She has a round purple nose.  The inside of her mouth is light pink.  Raro has a love heart tongue that is light purple.

When Raro is sad she plays on the swing or eats to cheer herself up.  Her favorite food is noodles.  When she does drama she feels happy.  She is also happy when she is on the swing or in the pool.  She is shy on the stage, but when she's not she's is very lively.

Raro lives with my family and I.  She does everything with me.  She goes to my violin lessons and I take her to her saxophone lessons.  She helps me take my dog for a walk.  She loves playing board games.

 Raro wants to travel the world.


  1. Raro is fantastic, sounds a little like someone I know!

  2. your puppet is awesome oakley


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