Purple Grape

Appearance: My puppet's name is Purple Grape.  She is seven years old.  Her hair is short, sparkly and frizzy like the end of the mop.  She has soft, foam yellow eyes.  She a has dark blue eye caps and deep green underneath her eyes.  Her nose is light pink, fluffy and small.  Her mouth is as red as a rose that's just bloomed.  Her tongue is a highlight pink strip.  Her skin is a deep smooth purple.  Her bucket is dark purple with dark blue, yellow and red stripes.  It has red dots around the top.  It has silver sparkles on it.  The handle is a dark sparkly pink.

Personality: Purple Grape's personality is loving and creative.  She is good at making toys, painting, making things with wood and making cards.  She admirers good and hard work.  She also helps her class friends and her family at home.  She helps her brother when he needs help with his work and helps mum around the house.

Life: My puppet lives with her big twelve year old brother and his name is Crazy hair.  He is dark blue with spiky yellow, red and green hair.  He has a yellow mouth plate and dark orange tongue and matching nose.  His nose is big and soft.  His eyes are white with brown fluffy stinking out from his eyes.  Her mum's name is Poppy and she is thirty.

Purple Grape is interested in tennis and she practices in her spare time even thought she doesn't do tennis lessons.   Her tennis racket is dark purple.  She also likes singing and she plays flute and drums.  She writes songs and she has written five so far.  Her favourite food is salad sandwiches.


  1. I love Purple grape`s sparkly blue hair. :)

  2. Me to! Its awesome. Ruth


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