Fuppet Pinkberry

My puppets name is Pinkberry.  She is 5 years old.  Pinkberry's body colour is the colour of pink berries.  Her skin is smooth and soft.  Pinkberry's hair is soft, white messy plaits.  Under her eyes are light blue.  Her eye caps are light pink, a highlight pink that shimmers in the sun. She has a purple love heart tongue that is smooth.  Pinkberry has a blue foam bucket with a dark blue pipe cleaner handles.  It has different swirls on it and a rainbow with a lot of colours.

My puppet feels cheerful in the inside because she is always in a good mood to see her family and friends.  She is always cheerful when her friends or family win a prize or a game.

My puppet has one brother called Purpleberry. Purpleberry is loving. He cares about his family and his friends.   My puppet has a pet dog called Poppy. Her pet is fluffy and white with brown eyes and a wishy tail.  Her parents names are Mrs Red Berry and Mr Blue Berry. Some people call them Mrs Berry and Mr Berry. Pinkberry's Dad is a builder and her Mum is a spy. Pinkberry lives in Puppet Valley, on Puppet Street 303.

My puppet like to go to princesses parties.   She likes to go to the park with her friends. She loves going to the movies with her family.  Pinkberry's favorite sport is swimming. She loves making things.  Her favorite subject is reading. Pink Berry helps her mum clean the house.


  1. I love your puppet and nice smile oakley

  2. I love how you called your puppet Pinkberry that sounds like a cool name with your puppet I really love that name.

  3. you and your puppet look the same! funny!

  4. Hahahah we sort of do. But thanks for the nice comments:)


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