Digital Pet Day- 1 Day to GO!!!

Room 8's Digital Pet Day is Friday 1st April 2011

Come back and visit our blog to see all of our wonderful pets and read our stories!

Fun Afternoon: Youth Alive Trust

The fun begins thanks to 'Youth Alive Trust'
Bouncy castle fun!
Colouring in, so much fun...
What type of bead necklace did you make?
How high did you jump?
Magical face painting 
What show did you watch?
Galoop....went the little green frog last night!
A master chef at work!
How many litres of tomato sauce did we go through?
400 hundred sausages were devoured!
Dancing with clowns!

Earthquake Freeville School Part 2

Click here to view Part 1.  We heard lots of screeching when they took these buildings down.  It sounded like a bazooka hitting the building.  We heard lots of banging.

The Gizmo Scenes

Story name:  The Gizmo again, by Paul Jennings.  We made freeze frames it was fun.  We made poses from different parts of the story.  We made different levels.  We got into groups of 3 to 5 to children.  I liked doing the ice-cream scene.  I was Micky and I had to have a worried face.  I liked it when I got to watch other children.

Gutsit the bully is taking Mickey's lunchbox

I just got an ice-cream in my face...
I changed where I was standing, so the children could see my expression
I got ice-cream shoved in my face and Gutsit, Ginger Gurk and Noblet were laughing
I have my foot up because I am going to stand on Mickey's lunchbox to break it

Hello from the Postbox

Stanley 1

A Vist from Stanley

Today Stanley came to see us. He talked to us about the earthquake and about what we did in the last three weeks.  He said he comes from Spain.  He was cool and we got our photo taken with him.  He has a twin brother, Stanley 1 and Stanley 2.  Stanley might come to see us again. Our class asked heaps of questions. He has a pet flea on his knee. His friend Lulu has a pet dog.  She will come to our pet day.  Stanley is so small, he says he is 60 cm tall.

First Day Back at School - The Cloak of Dreams

For drama we made a cloak of dreams.

Our teacher told us a story.  Once there was this girl who was going to see her Granny.  In the forest she was running and she tore her cloak of dreams.  She was very sad.  We all had to help her fix her cloak of dreams.  The Granny went to the Dream Maker's helpers and asked them to help her.    

After we finished we made a thread to fix the girls cloak of dreams.  Before that we had to think
of ingredients to make the thread.  We had ingredients like: love, rainbows, two cups of moonlight, two cups of glitter, three cups of angels, a strand of Rapunzel's hair and gold dust. There was a
big cloud pot and we added ingredients in one by one.  We started to fix the cloak of dreams by passing a thread. We gave the little girl back her mended cloak of dreams.


First Day Back - Cloak of Dreams Slideshow

This is a collection of photos showing us all making our Cloak of Dreams.  If you also want to watch some video footage click here.

First Day Back at School - Gifts from Postgage School

Thank you very much for the gifts! I liked the lollies and the letters.  Amber-Rose

Thank you for sending us food and thanks for helping.  Adam

Thank you for all the gifts I will really enjoy using them, they're lovely.  Samara

It was very exciting to see all of these boxes arrive on Thursday.  Today I got the children to open up the containers and see all of the wonderful goodies Postgate School sent us.  What a great way to start our first day back at school!  I think you are all very thoughtful and kind.  Thank you to all the staff, children and community of Postgate School, in Porirua, Wellington.  Elizabeth

The cards and letters we have made to thank Postgate School

First Day Back at School - Walk around the School

We walked around the school.  We saw trees cut down, we felt sad when we saw them.  We stood in slit and it was on the field. We saw builders digging and machines digging holes.

The Earthquake

In the last three weeks we went to Ohoka and I helped my Aunty Bobby.  Then we talked about what we were going to do.  We then went for a BBQ at my Uncle Mike's.  We had a play and they gave us some food.  We went home to Ohoka and a week later we were sitting down and we heard a knock.  I went to the door and it was the rubbish man and our dog Ellie got run over, but she was alive.  We took her to the vet and she might have to get her tail removed.

She is still sick and she can not run.  She is going to the vet each day and she goes to work with Mum and Donna.  Ellie is so cute and I hope she gets better.


After the earthquake we went to my sister's friends place and they were sitting outside because water was going down the stairs.

The next day we dug liquefaction from the driveway.  It was my sister's birthday.  We helped most of the houses down the street.  Then the next day we got power and water and food.

A couple of weeks later Japan had a big earthquake (8.9).

The Earthquake

In the earthquake everything fell down and a computer fell on Nicky.  On Sunday my cat, Forest, died.  We buried him and it was sad.  Before my cat died we went to Akaroa.  Mum and Dad were thinking of going to Nana and Grandad's because they had power and water.  Samuel and I said 'Yes, yes yes! We want to go!'  Then Mum and Dad changed their minds.  Samuel and I said 'Oh!'

When we got to Akaroa we unpacked our bags.  Then Mums said 'Let's go to the beach.'  When we go to the beach Samuel and I wanted to go for a swim.  Then Mum said 'We forgot to take your togs to the beach.'  We took off our clothes, except our underwear and jumped in.

When we got home we got dressed into our good clothes.  We went to a restaurant.  Sam had some fish finger and salad.  I had a big burger and some fries.  For pudding we had a Sundae each with lollies on the top.

The Boy's Weekend in Kaikoura

After the earthquake we went to Nana and Pop's house.  They had power and water.  Mum went to Moeraki and my Dad, my brother and I went to Kaikoura.  The placed we stayed at was the Alpine Pacific Holiday Park and it had spa and a swimming pool that my brother and I played in heaps.  That night I had pizza and my brother and Dad had Subway.

The next day we went surfing in Kaikoura.  The night that we got home there was a 5.1 earthquake centred a few streets away from me and it was only 10km deep.


We had no food. All of it fell out of the cupboard.  We stayed at my Aunty's house.  She took us to the supermarket.

While we were at my Aunty's our Nana came over.  The next day or to we went to Auckland.  When we came home my kitten was waiting for me at the door.

6.3 Earthquake

When the 6.3 earthquake hit my sister was at her course in town.  She had to walk for two hours to get home.  My Mum was waiting to hear from her and Mum was also waiting to hear from my other sister.  She was at school.

My house has got a lot of cracks and one room is orange stickered.

Earthquake Story

After the earthquake my Dad stayed with us at home and he stayed for a night.  In the afternoon we went to my Dad's house because he had water and power.  The house was fine, but a vase broke.  The next day we helped people clean up the liquefaction.  It was fun, but someone took our spade!

When the Earthquake happened

When I got home I had a big hole in the ground, in front of the house.  The next day I helped my next door neighbour clean all the sludge.  My fish tank exploded and most of them died.  My Dad saved one of the fish and we called him Lucky.

The Lost Boy

When the 6.3 earthquake happened there was a scared boy running around our street searching for his Mum and Dad.  My Mum helped the boy find his Mum.  They couldn't get into their house because it was yellow stickered.

Earthquake Dru

When we got home from school we saw lots of liquefaction on the road.  We had to dig up the liquefaction.  When Dad got home we had a BBQ in the backyard and then we went inside.  My sister and I got our gear and then my uncle turned up with his four-wheel drive, to come and pick us up.

He took us to Ashburton for three weeks.  They had PlayStation 2 and I played Marvel-Nemesis and other games like Crash-bandicoot 3 Warped.  We went to the park with their dog Millie.  She is a girl and she loves bones.  In Ashburton we had lots of fun.

In Christchurch there were diggers and trucks, but they were still broken.  When I got home the city was a little better, but at least I got to go to school.

Going to Rolleston

In the earthquake holiday we went to Rolleston for lunch.  I had lollie cake and a sandwich with three bits of bread.  It also had cheese, ham and pineapple.  On the way back home my sister fell asleep.

We got liquefaction in the toilet and shower.  We also got liquefaction around the back.  It was about 60 cm deep.

When the earthquake hit

When the earthquake hit we where on the mat and we ran under the desks.  I was crying and then my Nana came and I went to my Nana's.  It took us about an hour.  I didn't have power for two weeks.  So I had to stay at my Nana's.  When we got home we noticed the TV had a crack at the bottom of the screen.  We got a new one.

After the Earthquake

I went to Rangiora after the earthquake because my house had no water.  My house had cracks in the walls.  We fixed the cracks and patched them up with duck tapes.  Our chimney fell off our rood and some bricks fell in the house.  Our cat was missing for five days.

After the Earthquake

When the earthquake hit the iMac fell on my back. Then we went to the field.  I went to my house and my brick wall fell down on the roses.  I had to go to Toby's house.  I said to my Mum, 'can I go now? can I go now?'  Then I went to my Nana's house and Toby went too.  I was a little scared.  My Nana had power and water.

Earthquake - Freeville School

Below is a slideshow showing Room's 5 to 8 being carefully picked apart.  There's a lot of rimu in these old buildings.  I wonder where's it's heading?

Earthquake - Inspector Steve and Inspector Bourke

What's lurking under our building?  I hope it's no Freeville floaters!

Earthquake - Concrete cracks

LT 2 are monitoring our concrete cracks!

Liquafaction Action

It was dark and cold that chilly night
A meowing was heard so very late that night
Windows were shut and doors were slammed tight
A scream was heard so late that night...

Earthquake - Sunday Stroll

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