First Day Back at School - The Cloak of Dreams

For drama we made a cloak of dreams.

Our teacher told us a story.  Once there was this girl who was going to see her Granny.  In the forest she was running and she tore her cloak of dreams.  She was very sad.  We all had to help her fix her cloak of dreams.  The Granny went to the Dream Maker's helpers and asked them to help her.    

After we finished we made a thread to fix the girls cloak of dreams.  Before that we had to think
of ingredients to make the thread.  We had ingredients like: love, rainbows, two cups of moonlight, two cups of glitter, three cups of angels, a strand of Rapunzel's hair and gold dust. There was a
big cloud pot and we added ingredients in one by one.  We started to fix the cloak of dreams by passing a thread. We gave the little girl back her mended cloak of dreams.


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  1. Claire Corbett - Dru's AuntyMarch 23, 2011 at 10:00 PM

    This cloak of dreams activity looks like a lovely thing to do. I love your blog Room 8. It has so much very cool learning on it!


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