The Earthquake

In the earthquake everything fell down and a computer fell on Nicky.  On Sunday my cat, Forest, died.  We buried him and it was sad.  Before my cat died we went to Akaroa.  Mum and Dad were thinking of going to Nana and Grandad's because they had power and water.  Samuel and I said 'Yes, yes yes! We want to go!'  Then Mum and Dad changed their minds.  Samuel and I said 'Oh!'

When we got to Akaroa we unpacked our bags.  Then Mums said 'Let's go to the beach.'  When we go to the beach Samuel and I wanted to go for a swim.  Then Mum said 'We forgot to take your togs to the beach.'  We took off our clothes, except our underwear and jumped in.

When we got home we got dressed into our good clothes.  We went to a restaurant.  Sam had some fish finger and salad.  I had a big burger and some fries.  For pudding we had a Sundae each with lollies on the top.

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