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Click here to visit the BBC Bitesize activity on micro-organisms. What did you find out?

More action at the Groynes...

Thanks to Ryan B's Dad for some more shots...

Click here to go to Picasa for more photos from the Groynes.

Arty shot through the gum trees...
Thomas' Mum about to adopt TRD as a fencing mask!
Ms K uses X-RAY vision!
Ryan and Brook sampling....
Ms K, I need a scientific record...
Identification row...
Ryan, TRD supervisor...
Hmm...still chips left in the packet!
Stand firm Mr Rubbish!

Looking for creatures...

Last Friday I went to the Groynes with my class. I went in the purple van. The weather was hot and sunny. When we got there we played a game outside next to the water called ‘Not feeding the ducks.’ The game was awesome I really liked it. I was in a group. I found out you shouldn’t feed ducks if you have a picnic because they should eat water boatmen which are insects. After we played the game we came back to school. It was a lovely day.

I am looking at the creatures found in the river.

We went to the Groynes and it was super fun! Our favourite things were dressing up like garbage and catching the bugs. Our favourite bug’s were the water boatmen and midge larvae. The water boatman has six legs and hides two of them underneath its front. The midge larvae is just like a little, little red worm. To men called Ben and Bill showed us how the Groynes got its name. It's called the Groynes because there are BIG, BIG rocks shaped like cylinders, called Groynes, that’s where it gets it’s name.


On Friday we went to the Groynes. We found some interesting creatures in the water. We caught them from the river. We saw some geese on the grass. We also saw some pukeko and lots of ducks. We tried to catch some insects, but some people did not catch any insects. They kept trying. We had activities to do and they where fun activities. We loved the Groynes. We found out how the Groynes got its name. We found out if we put rubbish on the ground or in the water you can kill the insects and bugs.

Hunting in the Water...

On Friday our class went to the Groynes.  It is named after concrete and rocks mixed together.  First we had to fish for little bugs.  Then we had to drop them in this big container with water in it.  We had to work out what sort of creatures they were.  After that we had morning tea.  Then we had a another activity.

There were three children that were dressed as ducks and the rest of us were water boatmen insects. The next activity there was a fake river and a few people were rubbish floating in the river.  The rest of us were water boatmen or back swimmers.  The rubbish had to stop us by tagging us.  When we had gotten tagged we had to join the line and tag other people.

We learnt not to pollute waterways.  Don't put rubbish in the water!


Field trip to the Groynes

At the Groynes we went fishing for aquatic invertebrate.  All we had to do was get the T.R.D. (Terminal Retrieval Device), dip it in the river,  make a figure of eight in the water and bring it up to check for any movement.  If there was movement in the sieve we brought it up to the tray. To get the in vertebrae out we did the rock and roll movement.

For the rock and roll movement we dipped the sieve in the tray and rocked it from side to side.  Then once the things inside were loosened we rolled the sieve out of the tray and looked for the bugs inside. Then when we found one we picked it up with a Miniature Retrieval Device (A.K.A. spoon), identified it with a magnifying glass.  Once it was identified it was put it in the next tray, with different compartments,  for different species of bugs/insects/larvae.  By Ryan B

After we did the hunt for water bugs we did a duck game.  Three people had to be ducks and the rest of us were water boatmen.  The ducks and to tag us. After about 1 minute and 30 seconds we played another round of the game, but there was two humans.  They were Ryan B and Amber-rose.  They had to feed the ducks with fake rubber bread.  By Ryan B

The ducks didn't get the nutrition they needed (from the bread), so they had to crawl on their knees because they were very hungry! The next game was a game with water boatmen and back swimmers and our class had to wear costumes.  We went in the river (which was  grass with rope around it), and had to swim like water boatman and back swimmers.  It was so much fun.  By Jackson
This group is gathered around Ben listening to instructions...                
The list of aquatic creatures, so the groups can identify what they caught. 
Our group is identifying the water bugs.
Dressed as water boatmen and back swimmers.

On Friday we went to the Groynes. We went in the school vans.  We had to catch bugs in the river and then we had to bring them to our group.  We caught the creatures with a spoon and had to identify what we found.

We played a duck game and river crossing game.  We were the ducks and so was Neco. We had to chase other kids that were water boat men and we had to try and tag them so we could get one of their lives. We all learnt about our environment, like the water boatman.

The Groynes

We found midge larvae in the river and that turns into the midge fly. Who is the midge fly food for?

I stood on a weird rock called a Groyne.  It was made with a wool sack and then there’s concrete on top.  The Groynes are meant to stop the river from flowing in.
For the river game there were only nine water boatmen or back swimmers that didn’t get tagged (stuck in rubbish). So don’t dump rubbish near water.

Having fun at the Groynes...

Today we went to the Groynes for a field trip. This is Tasman looking for some creatures living in the water.  We found out not all water insects swim with all their legs.

We learnt why the Groynes got there name.  We also learnt that ducks eat the water boatman and we shouldn't feed them bread.

We also found lots of back swimmers .  In our group we had: Kimiya and Meg.  We also played a game called rubbish in the river.  We got costumes and we had to try and get past the rubbish without being tagged.

Invertebrates and Spiders...

On Friday we went to the Groynes and we saw some webs from the Nursery Spider.  What do you think is in the web?

We also found some invertebrates and insects like the water boatman and the back swimmer. We also found out what a baby mosquito looks like as a lavae.                            

Back swimmers and Water boatmen!

Today our class went to the Groynes and we went fishing with a sieve for bugs and animals that live in the water. We found out that some insects like the water boatman only use four legs. The back swimmer eats meat (carnivore). It eats water fleas and sticks its proboscis into the fleas and puts acid into to it and sucks it up! The last game we played we had to be back swimmers and water boatmen. We had to dodge the rubbish to get to the other side and we only had nine survivors, so kids take your rubbish home!

A trip to the groynes

Today we went to the Groynes to learn about the water insects and what ducks need to be healthy. Lucas, Kayd and I went with my mum. We had to fish the water insects out of the water with a sieve and a stick.  Then we put them in a bucket and used the magnifying glass to see them.

After that we used a spoon to pick them up and put them into a plastic container divided into six, so they were with their own species.  We caught heaps of water boatmen and we even caught a water worm!
We put the water insects in a water box otherwise they would die.

Fishing for sharks!
Fishing without looking...

A Visit to the Groynes...

One activity was catching bugs with a sieve that live in the river.  We put some in trays with water and scooped them with a spoon.  We had to work out what bugs or insects they were.

We learnt that ducks are meant to eat bugs that live in water, so they get nutrients.  We played a game called Ducks and Waterboats.  We had three ducks: Brook, Taylah and Neco.  The rest of us were Water boatmen.  We had to run round and not get tagged by ducks or we would lose one of our lives.

We learnt that we should watch the steps we take, like don't litter because it can effect the water life.

A healthy lunch...

Today Jenny and Mr McQueen went to Pack 'n save to get a shared healthy lunch for us.  We got wraps and lots of different fillings, like lettuce and cheese.  We all got to make our own wrap.We got a voucher from Pack 'n Save because we went their to do food label reading.

Everybody struggled to fold the wrap because everywhere I looked there were over flowing wraps.  All of the food costs $220.  I sat with Meg and Niamh we all loved them.  I put ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber and coleslaw in my wrap.

Zometool Fun!

On Tuesday we played with Zometool for maths.  We made a hotel, it was the biggest in the class and everybody was crowding around us and wanting to help.  ZOMETOOL IS THE BEST TOY EVER!

Our QR Treasure Hunt...

On the first day of school we went on a treasure hunt for QR codes.  Miss K hid QR codes around the school.  We all went hunting for the QR codes.  It was hard doing a QR Treasure hunt!  At home I found a QR code on a cooking book and it was for a healthy food web site.  By Kaitlin

There were questions for each QR code and we had to answer them.  There were some in the playground,  stuck on classrooms.  It was quite fun hunting for the codes.  For Home Learning we have to make our own QR codes and bring them to school.  I am going to make a code for a lego site.  By Jackson

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