A Visit to the Groynes...

One activity was catching bugs with a sieve that live in the river.  We put some in trays with water and scooped them with a spoon.  We had to work out what bugs or insects they were.

We learnt that ducks are meant to eat bugs that live in water, so they get nutrients.  We played a game called Ducks and Waterboats.  We had three ducks: Brook, Taylah and Neco.  The rest of us were Water boatmen.  We had to run round and not get tagged by ducks or we would lose one of our lives.

We learnt that we should watch the steps we take, like don't litter because it can effect the water life.


  1. What did you find living in the water? Elizabeth

  2. hi it Lucas, are you having a good day, Im staying here in Gympie Queenland and it is very hot like 26deg.

    1. hi its meg its been windy here! How is school?
      or arn't you going to school?

  3. the weather has been all right here is well Lucas hope you having a great day.


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