A healthy lunch...

Today Jenny and Mr McQueen went to Pack 'n save to get a shared healthy lunch for us.  We got wraps and lots of different fillings, like lettuce and cheese.  We all got to make our own wrap.We got a voucher from Pack 'n Save because we went their to do food label reading.

Everybody struggled to fold the wrap because everywhere I looked there were over flowing wraps.  All of the food costs $220.  I sat with Meg and Niamh we all loved them.  I put ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber and coleslaw in my wrap.


  1. I like your writting and the description.Khalib Kimiya's Brother

  2. That looks yum when i saw it i wanted one.Neco

    1. Like most children I put too much filling in my wrap and had to roll it, instead of trying to fold it! Elizabeth

  3. They were so yum I know how to fold them its easy i do it at home my brother has a rap everyday by Brook


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