Our QR Treasure Hunt...

On the first day of school we went on a treasure hunt for QR codes.  Miss K hid QR codes around the school.  We all went hunting for the QR codes.  It was hard doing a QR Treasure hunt!  At home I found a QR code on a cooking book and it was for a healthy food web site.  By Kaitlin

There were questions for each QR code and we had to answer them.  There were some in the playground,  stuck on classrooms.  It was quite fun hunting for the codes.  For Home Learning we have to make our own QR codes and bring them to school.  I am going to make a code for a lego site.  By Jackson

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  1. I went on a hunt using QR codes one day recently and it was lots of fun. I didn't have an app to read them so had to take a photo and use the computer when I arrived home again. I'm sure you had lots of fun doing this activity.
    Mrs Derham


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