Field trip to the Groynes

At the Groynes we went fishing for aquatic invertebrate.  All we had to do was get the T.R.D. (Terminal Retrieval Device), dip it in the river,  make a figure of eight in the water and bring it up to check for any movement.  If there was movement in the sieve we brought it up to the tray. To get the in vertebrae out we did the rock and roll movement.

For the rock and roll movement we dipped the sieve in the tray and rocked it from side to side.  Then once the things inside were loosened we rolled the sieve out of the tray and looked for the bugs inside. Then when we found one we picked it up with a Miniature Retrieval Device (A.K.A. spoon), identified it with a magnifying glass.  Once it was identified it was put it in the next tray, with different compartments,  for different species of bugs/insects/larvae.  By Ryan B

After we did the hunt for water bugs we did a duck game.  Three people had to be ducks and the rest of us were water boatmen.  The ducks and to tag us. After about 1 minute and 30 seconds we played another round of the game, but there was two humans.  They were Ryan B and Amber-rose.  They had to feed the ducks with fake rubber bread.  By Ryan B

The ducks didn't get the nutrition they needed (from the bread), so they had to crawl on their knees because they were very hungry! The next game was a game with water boatmen and back swimmers and our class had to wear costumes.  We went in the river (which was  grass with rope around it), and had to swim like water boatman and back swimmers.  It was so much fun.  By Jackson
This group is gathered around Ben listening to instructions...                
The list of aquatic creatures, so the groups can identify what they caught. 
Our group is identifying the water bugs.
Dressed as water boatmen and back swimmers.

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