Fuppets on Set...

Fuppet Daxder next to Chris the Chemist.
Fuppet Daxder with Nicky... 
Making the 'Fuppetville' school sign we designed.
Fuppets Up!
Recording with my imagination...

Making the Fuppets

The fuppet movie was really fun because we got to make our own fuppet. When I made my fuppet T.J they way he looked made me come up with a voice for him and what his sense of humour would be like. I had to puppeteer quite a lot and not just my own puppet because there were some people that thought they couldn’t do it.  Thomas

It was really fun puppeteering because we got to use our fuppets. I got to ask a question and helped to colour the outside of the school backdrop.  Jacob

Head Lice Documentary

We decided to make a documentary about head lice.  Then we made puppets for the movie.  It took one week to make the movie.  My favourite part was when we where filming the movie and making the fuppets.

Fuppet Movie...

We made fuppets to replace us in our movie, The Fuppets - Return of the Nits.  It was hard when we were filming because we all had to be quite.

Before we started to film we made the back drops and some other children and I made back drops for NNF News (Nit News Feed), and I helped with the outside of the school.

When we started to film we had to get some back drops up on the wall and that was hard too.  When I got filmed with my puppet I had to get into a funny position and my arms got sore.  I am really pleased with my puppeteering.

Making the Fuppets was fun!

We made a movie about head lice. Instead of using stick characters we made puppets. Then we called them fuppets. First of all we watched YouTube movies of puppeteers and some of The Muppets. Followed by going on google and going on webstits about puppets. My favourite part of this would of been making them. The hardest part was putting my hand up (with the fuppet), when we were being filmed.

The Fuppets: Movie

After learning about head lice our class was thinking of ideas. Our teacher Miss K thought we could make some puppets then we could call them The Fuppets. It was a long process making them, but we did finsh them in time for the movie. We got a lot of footage!

Fuppets Movie Making

Slushy and Dream are our fuppets names. Dream is the creamy blue fuppet with the yellow sun set eyes and the long brown hair. Now I guess you know who Slushy is? She is the one with Jet Black eyes and the sheep wool hair and you cant forget her fluffy purple nose. The thing we loved about our fuppets and movie making is we could bring our creative mind to use. Now lets talk about movie making. Movie making is not as easy as you may think. It's a long process and lots of work to get to a finished movie.

The Fuppets: Movie

DRU’S STORY: I did lots of drawing when it came to doing the backdrops. I did one or two backdrops, they were the bathroom scene with Thomas and I helped on the yard scene. It was really fun and hard work!

JACKSON’S STORY: One day our class had an idea to make puppets and make a movie about Head lice with puppets. I was really excited about making a movie and even making puppets. I helped on coloring in the outside school scene, did some filming and sharpened all the colouring pencils. It was hard and fun! When our class finished the movie we watched it and I was very proud of myself. I was proud of the class because it took a long time to make.

The Fuppet Documentary

We made fuppet’s for the fuppet’s documentary 'Return of the Nits. We entered the MADE AWARDS. The whole class helped and we helped each other. We made the fuppets out of fabric. We got to choose our own colours and accessories. We love our fuppets and we took photos of them.

We got to take them home after we had our fuppet assembley. We had lots of fun with our fuppets at home. We feel proud of ourselves and we love our hard work. When we had to put our arms up with our fuppets our arms got tired. When we were in assembly we felt better. When we made our fuppets we were excited and nervous. We needed a bit of help and we loved making our fuppets!

Fuppet: Sky-Monkey

My Fuppet’s name is Sky-Monkey. He is 7 years old. He has eye’s like the deep blue sea. His hair is spiky, pink like candy floss. His purple nose is so soft it’s like touching baby bird feathers. Sky-Monkey’s mouth is as huge as a pink bicycle helmet. His tongue is as purple as a heart shaped grape. Sky-Monkey's skin is like looking at the clouds in the sky. The shape of his head is like a rugby ball.

Fuppet: Mischief

My fuppet's name is Mischief.  Mischief is 8 years old.  The shape of his head is a rectangle.  Mischief's tongue is as orange as a clean road cone.  His mouth is read like a vest that was polished.  Mischief hair is as dark as the midnight sky.  His skin is as smooth as cats fur.

Mischief has a hard working personality because he does five hours a day of maths, writing and reading.  He also has a friendly personality because he has over fifty friends in his life.

Mischief lives in Eastern Fuppet World, 25A Tree Street.  He has a cat called Blinkey.  Mischief likes to play cricket and basketball.  His hobby is sport.

Fuppet: Snuggles

My name is Snuggles and I am a puppet.  I have the best puppeteer called Taylah.  I am orange with red eyebrows and a yellow tongue.  I have an amazing family.  A Mum, Dad, sister and a brother.  I have an amazing house in Western Australia.  I am going to a new school in a months that will be freaky!

I love netball and playing with my pet rabbit.  I like playing catches with my puppet's friend Brook.  My hair is amazing, it's purple and I have my own hair brush now.  I forgot to mention I'm only 5 years old and my nickname is Snug, funny but cute!

Fuppet: TJ

My fuppet's name is TJ (aka Thomas-Junior).  He has blue eyes like the sea.  Grey hair like silver or iron.  My fuppet has pink eyelids just like a pig.  He has a purple tongue for licking lolly pops.  TJ has orange, white and pink skin.  The shape of TJ's face is like an oval on the side.

My fuppet is very kind, caring and nice. He has a lot of friends.  TJ is 12 years old and he loves his family and friends.  His best friends are Jack, Rudolph, Sparko, Black Jellybean, Wacko, Joshua, Squiggle, Sam, Zachery and don't forget Chris and Crazy.

His favourite hobbies are playing with his friends, Lego, watching TV, playing video games and going to the park.  Some stuff TJ doesn't like is going to school and doing chores around the house.  He hates eating vegetables.  TJ lives at home with my family and I.

Fuppet: Sam

Sam my fuppet is 26 years old and he is as red as lava.  Sam's eyes are yellow as the sun.  His hair is as black as the midnight sky.  Sam likes cricket and soccer.

Sam is caring, cheeky, cuddly and honest.  He loves everyone.  Sam is brave.  His hobbies are playing PSE and playing with his cars.

Fuppet: Slushy Sunshine

Slushy's eyes glow when she is happy.  Her hair is as fluffy as sheep's wool.  Slushy is as fluffy as a night blanket.  Her mouth is as purple as grapes or a vine.  Slushy's tongue is as blue as a sky setting.  Her skin is all shades of purple and pink.

Slushy loves dancing and she does hip hop and tap.  She is moody as a bull.  When she sees red she is very cheeky, like a monkey.  Slushy is very brave and posh.  She has two sisters: Grape and Neptune.  She also has a brother Sky Monkey.  Slushy loves makeup and wears it everyday and a lot for parties.

Rudolph the Orange-Nosed Fuppet

My Fuppet’s name is Rudolph the Orange-Nosed Fuppet he is 9 years old.

 He has velvety grey hair that ends in brown and black tips. Rudolph has a rounded orange nose between his two eyes. His eyes are as round as soccer balls with pupils as black as a black board. Rudolph has a mouth that is green like a common Gecko. He has a purple tongue shaped like a love heart.

Rudolph’s skin is silky smooth and is a pinky-purple colour. At the back of his head he has a black birthmark shaped like a line. Rudolph is mischievous and likes playing practical jokes. Also his favorite shop is the JOKE SHOP. He’s also creative and he invented the Fuppet iPhone.

 Rudolph lives at 123456 Supercalafragilisticexpialidocious Street. He has 100 3D TV’s. He also drives a clown car that is a Mini but can fit 15 people in it.

Fuppet: Wacko

My fuppet's name is Wacko. Her hair is as soft as wool and as yellow as a banana. She has a fluffy blue nose, her skin is as soft as silk. Wacko’s tongue is as green as a leaf. Wacko is very creative, she loves to draw. She is honest and very friendly.

Wacko’s cheerful unless around Rudolph the Orange Nosed fuppet. Wacko is very kind, she likes doing things for others. Wacko lives on 129 Doughnut Drive in Fupland. Wacko’s best friends are Sparko, Sky Monkey and her worst enemy is Rudolf the Orange Nosed fuppet. Wacko’s orange cat Ginger is very fluffy. Wacko's favourite things to do are collecting things and drawing.

Fuppet: Raspberry

Raspberry has not started school yet. She is only 3 years of age. She has lovely dark brown beautiful eyes. Raspberry has skin as soft as silk. She has creamy soft and glossy hair. She has a big red shiny nose.

Raspberry looks very strong because she eats lots of fruit and vegetables and goes to the gym. Raspberry is very caring and friendly and she tells her mummy every thing and socialises with all her friends.

Raspberry is always cheerful and happy and when it snows she loves to play in the cold soft snow. Raspberry loves to play in the clam shell sandpit back at home and when I go to school she sleeps all day long. My Fuppet loves to watch movies and eat popcorn. Raspberries hobbies are watching Peppa Pig and Mr Bean on you tube with her mum And feeding the pigs on the farm.

Fuppet: Neptune Laptoon Sunshine

Hi, I'm fuppet Neptune Laptoon Sunshine and I love taking my dog for walks. My dog has a very long jaw (nose to), a tail that pops up and has fur hanging down from it.

Neptune has long fluffy light blue hair and a medium coloured nose. She has a neon highlighted orange mouth with a neon yellow coloured tongue and a very pretty dark brown eyes. Neptune has a perfect personality and has a loving sister called Slushy and the most kindest mum in the world. She had another sister called Grape and a brother called Sky Monkey and last of all a annoying big brother called TG.

Fuppet: Dream

My fuppet Dream has bright yellow, orange eyes like the sun setting. Her mouth plate is green like freshly new watered grass. Dream's tongue is like a lizards purple tongue. She Loves to play and read to her five children: Slushy 5 years old, Neptune 5 years old, Sky Monkey 7 years old, TJ 12 years old and Grape 5 years old. I love my fuppet because it's just like me.

Fuppet: Jack

My fuppet's name is Jack. He has blue skin and red hair. His eyes are brown. He is good at video games. When he wins he says hm hm hm hm hm hm hm hm hm hm. He is a spy and he is ten. I have been working on Jack for a long time. He is awesome! He has just come back from all around the world.

Fuppet: Daxder

My fuppet's name is Daxder because he is green. He is energetic and fast! Daxder is good at video games. When he wins he says ohhhh! He is cheeky, cuddly and a spy. He is 10 years old. He has a blue tongue and blonde hair.

Fuppet: Karter Maria Simpson

Karter is five years old and she has purple hair, as soft as cat fur.  She has a yellow tongue and a red nose.  She has a pink bracket.  Karter is friendly,cheerful and loving.  Karter likes to go for walks, racing and going to the park.  She has two friends and one enemy called Lisa.  Her two friends are fuppet Blueberry and Buddy.  Karter's face is shaped like an oval the texture of my fuppet is as hard as a rock.  The nose is hard too. My fuppet treats her friends like a human.  Karter likes going to school and likes to play in the cold soft snow.

Fuppet: Blueberry

My fuppet's name is Blueberry.  He has dark blue eyes like the deep blue sea.  His tongue is purple like grapes, and his mouth is red. He like’s to be cheeky and explore. Blueberry is quite loud and good at school subjects.  He loves to read at home and he goes to Fuppetville school.  I chose that name because he is blue and he loves blueberries.  Blueberry loves to eat strawberries, raspberries, bananas, feijoas, plums and cherries.

Fuppet: Creamy

Fuppet Creamy has a purple tongue, pink eyebrows, a pink nose, pink hair and a blue mouth. The colour of her skin is a cream colour, so she is called Creamy.   name is called Creamy. Creamy eats healthy food which is carrots. Creamy is a girl. She is funny because she makes me laugh.

Creamy has perfume smell like lolly cake.  Creamy lives in Christchurch. She loves her family, pets and toys. Creamy is six year’s old and her hobbie’s are netball, playing and eating.  Creamy is sometimes bad, but most of the time she is good. Creamy hate’s tying her hair up and getting breakfast.

Fuppet: Black Jellybean

My fuppet's name is Black Jellybean. My fuppet is 6 years old. Black Jellybean was born in 2009. Black Jellybean’s body is as black as the night sky. His eyes are orange like orange juice dripping. His hair is brown and his skin as rough as a pear. His eye lids, his nose and tongue are yellow as a banana.

Black Jellybean is creative, brave, hard working, kind, self-controlled, funny and helpful. He’s a kid that you can ask for help and he’ll do the job. My fuppets is single as he’s a little kid.  He is six years old and always sad because he lives by himself.  My fuppet has one Lamborghini and he drives it because he has a child's driving licence.  Black Jellybean has his own mansion, a 3D 60 inch TV which is connected to a computer.  He has all the video games in Fupland.

Fuppet: Emma

My fuppet is called Emma. She is nine years old. She has a pink face. It looks like the shape of an oval. Emma’s hair looks like candy floss with dark pink on the end. Her eyes look like marshmallows and her pupils look like chocolaty fudge. Her eyebrows look like dark pink ice cream. Her tongue look like a yummy sweet candy lolly shape like heart.  She has four short fingers on each hand. Her body is creamy white.

Fuppet: Sparko

My fuppet's name is Sparko because he is really good at sport and he is also very energetic. He has black hair (straight), a red mouth, a black tongue, a black nose, dark grey fur, white teeth and his nickname is: THE SPEED.

He’s 9years of age. Sparko loves playing rugby, video games, noodle tag and LEGO. His friends are: Manaia, Thomas, Jackson, Elliot, Jacob, Nicky, Ryan, my Mum, Dad, my dog Hook, Santa and me. Sparko is brave, happy, polite, fast and smart.  He always does what he’s told. He dislikes being lonely. He lives at my house.

Fuppet: Chris the Chemist

My fuppet's name is Chris the Chemist. He has brown buffy hair, bright yellow and blue eyes and a yellow nose. He has a purple mouth and a tongue. He has white rough skin. Chris the Chemist has a purple, white and black tie with sparkly jewels on it. His best friends are Rudolf the orange nosed fuppet, Sparko, Black jellybean and T.J. Chris is silly because he like making up funny jokes. He’s cheerful and down-right funny. Chris’s favourite food is pizza. He has 8 cars and three 3D TV’s.

Fuppet: Fluorescent Jet

Fluorescent Jet is 15 years old.  His birthday is on 25th December (Christmas).  Fluorescent Jet is as yellow as a highlighter.  My fuppet's tongue is dark green because the rest of his body is light colours. Fluorescent Jet's eyebrows are as orange as an orange (fruit).  My fuppet has wavy hair, two eyebrows, two eyes, an orange nose and a mouth with a green tongue.

Fluorescent Jet's personality is enthusiastic and friendly.  He is enthusiastic because he is always full of energy and excitement.  My fuppet's life is always full of surprises and fun.  He lives at 122 Volkcano Drive.  My fuppet has a Mum, Dad, sister and a puppy.  Fluorescent Jet has three best fuppet friends: Wacko, Crazy and Mystery.  He has one enemy called Black Jellybean.  Fluorescent Jet's hobbies are playing any type of sport and noodle tag. What my fuppet likes the most is playing with his friends.

Fuppet: Grape Silvermoon Sunshine

My fuppet's name is Grape Silvermoon Sunshine. She is 5 years old. Grape likes sushi and animals. I like her because she looks like me and likes sport and nature. Grape Silvermoon Sunshine has an adorable baby brown sausage dog that fits in her tiny little princess purse. I love my fuppet Grape!

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