Earthquake 6.3

My thoughts go out to all of the Freeville Families and their children.  Wherever you are take care.

Today I biked to Barrington to get some supplies.  I came back covered in silt.  The traffic on the Brougham Street, heading back, was back to back.  There were police trying to get through.  By the time I'd reach Opawa Road they'd finally made it.  They pulled up some dodgy looking characters in a black car.  I was so pleased to make it home, but felt sad at the same time.  I caught a glimpse of the devastation when I was crossing over Colombo Street.

Yesterday my brother and I helped out the lady across the street, shovel all of the liquefaction onto the grass verge.  Having a flat wheelbarrow wheel made this more challenging.

Today's task is to make an outdoor toilet.

Take care and I'm thinking of you all!

Megamog: Marble Carble

My megamog's name is Marble Carble.  My megamog treats people nicle.  Marble Carble does not bite.  My megamog's head is shaped like a circle and he likes to eat leaves.  He can walk through walls.  

Megamog: Ninja Cat

Ninja Cat is a spy. If he sees a cat he will sneak up to them and knock them out.  He will take them to his lab.  He looks like night.

Megamog: Furry Molly

My megamog is colourful and pretty.  My megamog's name is Furry Molly.  She has rainbow fur.  My megamog treats people nicely.  My megamog's has is shaped like a circle.  My megamog's eyes are triangle.  


Furry Fred
Silly Sally

My megamog's name is Furry Fred.  Furry Fred likes to eat rainbow fish.  Furry Fred likes to play all kinds of games, like Monopoly and card games.  He treats other megamogs great and he plays with them.  Furry Fred talks slowly.  He is furry and pretty.

Megamog: Alice

My megamog looks like a Hawaii cat.  She is wearing a coconut bra, a flower necklace, a grass skirt and a crown.  She has got big eyes, a yellow tummy, orange fur and a pink flower necklace.  She has got a big smile.  Alice loves doing Hawaiian dancing.  She love to eat, play and to be naughty.  Oh, and she loves flowers.  The shape of Alice is like circles.  Alice has spiky ears.  She normally has her tail around her neck like a scarf.  She has got purple and blue eyes.  Her fur is like cut grass.  She has got a nose like a blob of paint.

Megamog: Super Cat

Super Cat is as strong as a dinosaur.  He is skinny, but he is strong.  Super Cat has orange and blue fur.  He likes to put bad men in jail and save people.   Super Cat's favourite food is roast beef and fish 'n chips.  He wears leather black books and they look like gumboots.  

Megamog: Ginger Ninja

Ginger Ninja has a mouth shaped as a tent with a tongue.  He is fat and got chubby cheeks.  He is small and funny.  His eyes are round and his nose is like a hand facing down.  Ginger Ninja always likes to drink juice and watch TV, and skateboard around the street.  When something goes wrong Ginger Ninja puts on his black belt and puts on his skateboard.  When he fights sometimes he gets fat because he drinks too much juice.  Anyway he is a good fighter.  He fights bad guys.  

Megamogs: Ninja Nick and Toothy Tim


Ninja Nick: is fat but muscly.

Toothy Tim: is skinny but muscly.

Ninja Nick: had green eyes.

Toothy Tim:  has one red eye and an eye patch.

Ninja Nick and Toothy Tim: have an upside down love hearts on their noses. 

Ninja Nick: has black fur, two swords and shuriken as weapons.

They both have a row of sharp teeth surrounding their mouths.  

They are both sly and they both like killing good guys in bars while drinking booze.  

They both hate good guys coming with a knife and taking off a piece of their ears (which they both have had happen to them).

Megamog: Silly Cindy

My megamog is annoying by pushing people around.  My megamog is called Silly Cindy.  She likes to dress up in Hawaii clothes.  She is so silly when people come over she really excited.  Silly Cindy wears a flower necklace and is stripped with orange and brown.

Megamog: Tracy Trickster

Tracy is a kitten.  She loves dancing, running, telling jokes, mostly she loves anything funny.  That's why she's called Tracy Trickster.  She is the witches black cat.  Tracy has brown hair down to her elbows.  She loves wearing a purple top with a purple and pink skirt.  Her skirt is pink with black dots and she wears blue tights.   

Megamog: Whalewave

Whale Wave is mischieveous and she runs away from home, as soon as her Mum sets.  She lives in space with the sun and moon.  She's got tiny tickle spots which she hardly laughs about.  Whale Wave is good at telling jokes.  She is also furioucious and she pounces to catch food.  Her mother tells her not to catch animals, but she doesn't listen.  

Megamog: Tracy

My megamog has a necklace with a star on it.  She is purple and pink on the tummy.  Her favourite things is to go shoppoing for high heeled shoes.  She is nice.  Her name is Tracy.

Megamog: Roman Warrior Octavian

My Megamog is a Roman warrior.  He has a sword and a shield.  Octavian likes pizza parties and fighting. He has a metal helmet and a chained cape.  He is fat with green glowing eyes.  Octavian wears sandals and sharp teeth.  

Megamog: Ninja Lady

My megamog treats people like nothing and she likes knocking people out (in the boxing ring).  My megamog's name is Ninja Lady.  My cat does not like other cats.  My cat looks like she is black, orange and red.  She has blue eyes like the Freeville school colour.  She wears a grey mask and does not like her sister.  

Megamog: Captain Paws

Captain Paws has a sneaky smile and he holds a sword in his paw.  He has got sharp claws, so sharp that he can open a can.  Captain Paws has spiky fur and he loves to sneak down the street.  His fur goes up and down when he walks.  He looks creepy and he has got scratches and burns on his legs and face.  CAPTAIN PAWS DOES NOT LIKE PEOPLE.

My iPod Shuffle

At first I wanted to buy a rabbit, but then my Dad said Simba would kill it.  So my dad recommended an iPod shuffle. I checked how much the iPod would cost.  It would cost $64.00, so I busked for money. I took money out of my bank, but then the store made it $85.00.  My dad said he would pay the extra $21.00.  Then I got it by courier post on Wednesday.

The making of "The Book of Sunflowers"

The Monarch Butterfly

At my house I had some caterpillars in my garden.  I had two chrysalis.  Now they have hatched and their wings have dried.  Now they've flown away.  We have lots more caterpillars left in the garden.

At camp

In the holidays I went to camp at Ashley George.  I went on the water slide.  I was on a hill and I was surfboarding down it.  At the end I fell off it and fell in a puddle.  I got wet.      

Gifts from the Moana: Shells

In the weekend I went to Gore bay.  I got shells and pāua shells. My friends came.  When we got to Gore Bay we unpacked the car, watched TV and then got into our pajamas on.  It got the biggest bed.  It was high tide so I could only get two pāua shells.  

The shell on the left is my favourite because you can hear the sea in it

My weekend

In the weekend I went to McCain's Bay.  At the beach I went in the rocks. I found sea sponges, cockells, cats eye's and amazing stones.  We swan for miles and it was fun.  We found a lot of shells.

To the right are the cats eye shells
The shell is stuck to the stone
My favourite shell is the one third from the left

Megamog: Lilly Billy

Lilly Billy is very very naughty. She catches insects and she sleeps in the bath or shower.  Her shape is round as a ball. Lilly Billy is furry. The colour of her eyes are black.  She hasn't got any teeth and her faces if fat.  Lilly Billy has black eyes and she is funny.  She is an oval shape.

Megamog: Silly Sam

My megamog is called Silly Sally and she is nice and friendly.  She has four legs, two ears, six whiskers and a tail.  Silly Sally has one mother.  She is pink and purple and  her eyes are blue.  

Megamog: Glitzy Mitzy

My megamog is called Glitzy Mitzy.  She is very posh and she is always pretty.  She wears a love heart necklace.  She walks like she's on a catwalk.  Glitzy Mitzy has a love heart mouth.  

Megamog: Ginger Ninja

Ginger Ninja will rip other cats skulls off them.  He will make them slaves and make fire around them.  Ginger Ninja has an iPod that blows other cats away.  He slithers down the front door of houses.  He's got one big eye and one little eye.  Ginger Ninja has got sharp teeth and his body is skinny like a snake.

Megamog: Rainbow Cat

My cat hates other cats.  If it sees another cat it will be stripped to the bone in seconds.  All the other cats try to hide, but he is so tall he can see them.  Rainbow Cat looks nice, but he is scary.  He has strong pink fur and it is colourful with stripes.  They change colour every time he tries to find food.

Megamog: Vandy Vampire

Vandy Vampire is sharp and he is as freaky as a huge spider, with 200 eyes, so he can freak people out.  Vandy Vampire has sharp teeth on his nose and his mouth.  He can hide behind buildings and pounce on people and suck their blood at the same time.  His fur is as red as blood and he has orange hair.  He's got
got springy arms, sharp claws and a sharp jaw.  
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