Earthquake 6.3

My thoughts go out to all of the Freeville Families and their children.  Wherever you are take care.

Today I biked to Barrington to get some supplies.  I came back covered in silt.  The traffic on the Brougham Street, heading back, was back to back.  There were police trying to get through.  By the time I'd reach Opawa Road they'd finally made it.  They pulled up some dodgy looking characters in a black car.  I was so pleased to make it home, but felt sad at the same time.  I caught a glimpse of the devastation when I was crossing over Colombo Street.

Yesterday my brother and I helped out the lady across the street, shovel all of the liquefaction onto the grass verge.  Having a flat wheelbarrow wheel made this more challenging.

Today's task is to make an outdoor toilet.

Take care and I'm thinking of you all!

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