Fuppet: Raspberry

Raspberry has not started school yet. She is only 3 years of age. She has lovely dark brown beautiful eyes. Raspberry has skin as soft as silk. She has creamy soft and glossy hair. She has a big red shiny nose.

Raspberry looks very strong because she eats lots of fruit and vegetables and goes to the gym. Raspberry is very caring and friendly and she tells her mummy every thing and socialises with all her friends.

Raspberry is always cheerful and happy and when it snows she loves to play in the cold soft snow. Raspberry loves to play in the clam shell sandpit back at home and when I go to school she sleeps all day long. My Fuppet loves to watch movies and eat popcorn. Raspberries hobbies are watching Peppa Pig and Mr Bean on you tube with her mum And feeding the pigs on the farm.

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