Fuppet: Black Jellybean

My fuppet's name is Black Jellybean. My fuppet is 6 years old. Black Jellybean was born in 2009. Black Jellybean’s body is as black as the night sky. His eyes are orange like orange juice dripping. His hair is brown and his skin as rough as a pear. His eye lids, his nose and tongue are yellow as a banana.

Black Jellybean is creative, brave, hard working, kind, self-controlled, funny and helpful. He’s a kid that you can ask for help and he’ll do the job. My fuppets is single as he’s a little kid.  He is six years old and always sad because he lives by himself.  My fuppet has one Lamborghini and he drives it because he has a child's driving licence.  Black Jellybean has his own mansion, a 3D 60 inch TV which is connected to a computer.  He has all the video games in Fupland.

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