Fuppet: TJ

My fuppet's name is TJ (aka Thomas-Junior).  He has blue eyes like the sea.  Grey hair like silver or iron.  My fuppet has pink eyelids just like a pig.  He has a purple tongue for licking lolly pops.  TJ has orange, white and pink skin.  The shape of TJ's face is like an oval on the side.

My fuppet is very kind, caring and nice. He has a lot of friends.  TJ is 12 years old and he loves his family and friends.  His best friends are Jack, Rudolph, Sparko, Black Jellybean, Wacko, Joshua, Squiggle, Sam, Zachery and don't forget Chris and Crazy.

His favourite hobbies are playing with his friends, Lego, watching TV, playing video games and going to the park.  Some stuff TJ doesn't like is going to school and doing chores around the house.  He hates eating vegetables.  TJ lives at home with my family and I.

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