Rudolph the Orange-Nosed Fuppet

My Fuppet’s name is Rudolph the Orange-Nosed Fuppet he is 9 years old.

 He has velvety grey hair that ends in brown and black tips. Rudolph has a rounded orange nose between his two eyes. His eyes are as round as soccer balls with pupils as black as a black board. Rudolph has a mouth that is green like a common Gecko. He has a purple tongue shaped like a love heart.

Rudolph’s skin is silky smooth and is a pinky-purple colour. At the back of his head he has a black birthmark shaped like a line. Rudolph is mischievous and likes playing practical jokes. Also his favorite shop is the JOKE SHOP. He’s also creative and he invented the Fuppet iPhone.

 Rudolph lives at 123456 Supercalafragilisticexpialidocious Street. He has 100 3D TV’s. He also drives a clown car that is a Mini but can fit 15 people in it.

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