Fuppet: Fluorescent Jet

Fluorescent Jet is 15 years old.  His birthday is on 25th December (Christmas).  Fluorescent Jet is as yellow as a highlighter.  My fuppet's tongue is dark green because the rest of his body is light colours. Fluorescent Jet's eyebrows are as orange as an orange (fruit).  My fuppet has wavy hair, two eyebrows, two eyes, an orange nose and a mouth with a green tongue.

Fluorescent Jet's personality is enthusiastic and friendly.  He is enthusiastic because he is always full of energy and excitement.  My fuppet's life is always full of surprises and fun.  He lives at 122 Volkcano Drive.  My fuppet has a Mum, Dad, sister and a puppy.  Fluorescent Jet has three best fuppet friends: Wacko, Crazy and Mystery.  He has one enemy called Black Jellybean.  Fluorescent Jet's hobbies are playing any type of sport and noodle tag. What my fuppet likes the most is playing with his friends.

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