Fuppet Smiggle

Last term my class wrote about our puppets.  We used similes to make our writing sound interesting.
This is my descriptive writing.

APPEARANCE: My puppet's name is called Smiggle and she is eight years old.  She has lovely soft dark blue hair and a dark blue tongue.  Her skin is as soft as my cats fluffy fur.  Smiggle has an emerald green nose.  Smiggle's bucket is dark orange with dark blue stripes.  It also has red and blue darker dots.  Her eyes are black with a light blue eye cap that is the same colour as her skin.

PERSONALITY: Smiggle's personality is funky and funny. She hates bullies and her favourite animal is fish.  Smiggle wants to go shopping all the time, but sometimes she can be a bit annoying.   Smiggle never talks to strangers.

LIFE: Smiggle has a best friend called Jazz and lives with her mum and dad.  Her friends are also Raro, Abigail, Passion,  Layla and Big Red.

WHAT YOUR PUPPET LIKES TO DO:Smiggle likes to go for walks almost every, day but not when she's busy.  She loves to colour in and does really good drawings as good as an artist.  Smiggle likes to spend time with her friends and she's a bit cheeky most times.

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  1. I love how Smiggle never talks to strangers!


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