Big Red

My puppets name is Big Red.  He is 11 years old.  He has fluffy red skin with a yellow mouth plate  and with a nice ruby red tongue.  Big Red's hair looks like big jelly beans.  His birthday is the 29th of June 2003.  His nickname is Elmo.

Big Reds personality is cheerful but if you make the wrong move he changes into an angry puppet. The reason why he is sometimes angry because no one respects his awesome  acting.

Big Red lives with his mum - Angela his dad - Shane  sister - Chloe  brother - Ashton  and his beautiful owner Taylah  and with his best friends  snuggles the puppet and cuddles the puppet he lives at 18 bungle berry place.

My puppet loves to play basketball and he plays basketball  on Thursdays.  He really likes Shortland Street and Home and Away.  On friday nights he invites his friends over and they sit on the 2 seater couch, with a blanket over them, and eat popcorn and watch a horror movies.

1 comment:

  1. Do you get to keep it?
    Brook McPherson
    PS: I miss you guys


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