Fuppet Mixy

My puppet is called Mixy and she thirteen.  Her birthday is the 25th December.  She has very soft skin.  Her nose is hard like very hard rock.  She has three different types of hair.  The color of those three different types are: pink, purple and blue.  Her hair is as sparkly as glitter.  The light pink is as soft and fluffy as a sofa.  The dark pink is as soft as a bunch of grass.  The color of her skin is pink.  The eye color is yellow.  The top of her eye lids are a very dark pink and the under layer of the eye is light blue. The color of Mixy's tongue is light pink and the shape of the tongue is a heart.

My puppet feels happy inside because she can do her maths and read.  Those are her good things that she can do.  The first thing that she does when she comes home straight from school is clean her room. Then she does her homework.  After that she makes her bed and has something to eat.  Her favourite foods are strawberries, potatoes, pizza, fish 'n chips, MacDonald's and meat.

My puppet likes to do reading, writing, maths and drawing.  She likes drawing so she can remember her family when they die.

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  1. I can see why she is called Mixy. I love the hair :-)


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