Twinkle Toes

Name: Twinkle Toes
Age: 17 years old
The colour of the puppet is purple.  She has dark purple eye caps and a red nose. Twinkle Toes has white eyes with black pupils.  She has a red mouth plate and a bright pink tongue.  The under lay of the eyes are red.  Twinkles skin is kind of smooth and rough.  She has pink glitzy hair like a frizzy mop. Twinkle has a purple bucket with pink, blue, red and green spirals and a red handle and glitter spirals.  The puppets eyes are foam.

My puppet is creative on the inside and even if she falls off the biggest cliff ever she will survive.e My puppet is intelligent, funny, friendly,  polite and sometimes moody.  She is kind, loving, honest, enthusiastic, hard working and caring.

What your puppet likes to do:
My puppet likes to go on adventures, mystery hunts, treasure hunts and likes to build huts.   Twinkle likes to eat lollies, watch TV, play video games and likes to play with the photocopier.

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