Puppets singing 'Pompeii'

Puppets lip syncing the song 'Pompeii,' by Bastille.  Singing around the RED Zone of Freeville School, Christchurch.  This land and housing was severely damaged in the earthquakes.  Many of the houses have now been demolished.


  1. Well done Rm 6!!! I love this video! All of your puppets are awesome :)

  2. This was so fun! I enjoyed it doing it with the class. Ruth

  3. It was so cool i loved it i wished you went to my house but it was still so so cool i LOVED IT SO SO SO MUCH
    PS: I miss yous so so so much

  4. What a fantastic video - awesome puppets room 6 and awesome puppeteering! The song was such a great match to the scenes and bought a tear to our eyes. Well done creative Miss K and creative students :)
    Nathan's mum and dad


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