The argument for Homework

The Position
Boys and girls I believe homework should not be banned because it gets us smart and gives us good work habits. 
Firstly It will improve our learning.  If we don’t do our homework we won’t get good jobs and good money.
Secondly, it does not waist our time because you can chose when you do it.  For example if you have sports training you can do it after that, if you go to one of your friend’s house you can do it after tea, so it does not take up our free time. 
Thirdly, our parents do not get stressed because they should not be doing your home work for you.  The teacher needs to make sure the homework activities can be done by the class.
Fourthly, you don’t have to do it all at once.  You might only do a little bit for ten minutes and another day for fifteen minutes.  
Fifthly, it does kill trees, but there are seeds to plant more trees.  There are lots of trees in the world. Plus there are people that do that for their jobs and they don’t want to stop working.  The teacher can e-mail you your homework.
Lastly, your teacher should not give you homework every day, because that would be too much.  

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