Goldilocks is Guilty

Goldilocks is a small terror and she must be punished.

Firstly, Goldilocks ignored the sign "NO TRESPASSING INTO THE FOREST.' One of our correspondents was picking flowers when she saw Goldilocks with a devious look. The sign was being monitored by video cameras and this is what we picked up.

"NO TRESPASSING...hmm...I'm Goldilocks. It doesn't matter!"

Plus, our correspondent found footprints of Goldilocks, one of a kind shoes, all the way to the Three Bear's house.

Secondly, Goldilocks was breaking and entering into the bear's house. A crowbar with Goldilocks' fingerprints was found at the scene.

Thirdly, Goldilocks vandalised most of the Three Bear’s property. The priceless antique rocking chair was found broken at the bear’s house with Papa bear's sledgehammer stuck into a bit of the chair. She also broke Mama bear's bed. Mud and grass was found right around a spring sticking out of the bed.

My forth argument is that Goldilocks carelessly stole Baby bear's mini cart and ran over several people.  The mini cart was found outside Goldilocks’ house. Plus ten trees were found on the ground with skid marks on them.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, all these crimes are against the law.  Join the fight to take down this monster.  Thank you for your support.   

1 comment:

  1. Kia ora Jeremy

    You make a good argument. I think you are right, Goldilocks is a crim!


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