Pike River Coal Miners

My son thought it was very sad 29 miners died.  This is what he said; 'There was an explosion in the Pike River mine on the Coast. I drew a picture for them.R.I.P we will never forget them.
There is still a fire in the mine...no one can go down there."

Angel's love coal mines, so that's where they go,
when they are hiding, they hide below.

(Angel's Love Coal Miners, by Craig Bancoff)


  1. I love the coal miners that is so cool your son would do that


  2. Hi my name is Tim I live in Minnesota. I also think it was very sad how many miners died. I think that you made a great R.I.P drawing for them. Happy blogging

  3. Hello Tim, thanks for your comment. My son drew this and was very pleased with your feedback. Elizabeth


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