Harris Burdick - Under the Rug

For writing we are doing the Mysteries of Harris Burdick. It is a series of pictures with captions that are inspiring for young writers. Here is the address for the Harris Burdick website www.harrisburdick.com

We thought the man was middle-aged and single.  We had a couple of drafts. On our first draft we thought he was a violinist and had just gotten back from the ball. We decided to change because the story didn't seem exciting. Then we read Ms K's model of writing a setting then we got the best idea ever!

Under the Rug
by Isaac and Glen

One dark, misty night in Maple Street a shadow was passing through the footpath. Nobody knew who this man was, where he came from. He seemed very secretive. He was heading to 32 Maple Street. The old victorian house nobody went into.

On 31 Maple street a little boy woke up, he saw a strange figure approaching 32 Maple street. The little boy’s name was John Alexander Burdick. He was nine years old. He saw the figure knocking on the door.....but nobody answered. But he went in anyway. The little boy thought it was time to investigate.

As the man entered he heard doors slamming. He was worried. It was a big three story house. There were at least 20 rooms, so he would not find what he was looking for anytime soon. He started whispering to himself, ‘find the final piece, find the final piece.’ He was running on his tiptoes. Then he started to search.

Meanwhile, the little boy started running across the wet, slippery street. He started to sneak into the house. He started to tip toe upstairs. He looked in all the rooms but he couldn’t find him. BUT then....

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