Fun at Timaru!

In the holidays I went to Timaru to stay for two nights. When we got there I saw a little playground.  We drove a little more and my brother and I saw a bouncy pillow.

When we got to Top Ten in Timaru we set up the tents.  My Mum and I blew up the air beds with a pump. I went on the bouncy pillow, it was so bouncy.  I made two new friends at the camping ground and we played together.  Tyler and I didn't ask to watch TV.

We went to the Timaru Carnival.  I went on a chair-o-plane, Octopus ride, the bumper boats, bumper cars and played games.   On the bumper boats we crashed into each other to get each other wet.  When I hopped out I was so wet! On the octopus my brother said 'tell them to stop it.'  My Mum said, 'No enjoy the ride!'  After the ride Tyler wanted to go on the octopus again.  We then went home.

Driving the bumper cars!
The octopus ride...
Having fun at the camping ground!


  1. That's a great photo of the octopus ride! Did you feel sick when you got off that ride? Elizabeth

  2. My brother was like ah on the octopus. I did feel sick after.Brook

  3. hi Bff hope you had a awsome christmas ;) taylah

  4. I had awesome christmas even a great holiday timaru was fun I played with to boys Brook

  5. In the bumper boats we needed to go in fours or three there were three boys and one girl that was me the hole part of bumper boats was geting each other wet. By Brook

  6. That looks like a fun holiday Amber-rose


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