In the holidays I went to Queenstown.  When we got there we made our beds and went for a walk into town.  When we came back we had lunch and we had sandwiches.  After we had lunch we went on the Skyline gondola.  The gondola was very high!  When we got up we went on the lookout and looked at Queenstown.  Then we went on the luge.  Sanne, Mum and I were going to go on the luge, but Oma was too scared to go on it.  It was scary at first, but Sanne was zooming past us because Mum kept stopping.  When we had all of our turns we had an ice-cream and it was a slushy cup, that was fun.

On the last day we went to visit a friend from Mum's work.  We went to the lake just outside of Queenstown.  They had a boat, water skis and a water biscuit.  My sister and I went on the skis and I went on the biscuit lots of times.  We all went on the boat and that was a fun time in Queenstown.  I was so happy when we got back home.


  1. I really like your photos! The luge is lots of fun and can be scary too! What was it like going on the water biscuit? Elizabeth

  2. That must be really fun. What dos the biscuit look like. Dru

    1. I'm going to go on a biscuit next weekend.Your holiday looks like it was so fun.Brook

  3. Hi demmy 2 questions.What did you do when you got in town?.And what did you do before youre last day? Jackson.k


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