Christchurch Earthquakes 5.8 & 6.0

I was just looking at the Father Xmas photos with my son, down at the mall, when the 5.8 struck!  I had to do a Claude Van Dam...swoop my son up and run with glass shattering in front of me to take cover under the stair well.  I think I need a new career...Liz Van Dam sounds good to me!  I hope everyone is alright.

After the 5.8 quake....I then tidied up and re-assembled the xmas tree.
After the 6.0 quake...


  1. Hi Elizabeth,
    Yes I think we are all getting good at making the "dash" and doing the "turtle"> I hope you and everyone in Room 8 are having a safe and happy holiday.
    From Jacqui

  2. I think so too! I hope you had a nice holiday too! Elizabeth


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