Digital Pet Day: Turltes, Mexican Walking fish and my Dog

My dog Patch is white with brown spots and patches.  We called him Patch because he has a big patch on his back.  Patch eats dog biscuits and any leftovers from dinner.  He loves running on fields, going on walks and sleeping on my bed.  Patch has one friend called Macy.  They like to play together.  He needs water and food.  Patch can do hand-shakes and he is not that smart.  He is scared of flies.  Patch is 7 years old.

In the earthquake one of my turtles, Trevor was inside (walking around).  Yoda was in the tank.  We bought them off a friend about 2 years ago.  Trevor hides outside and buries himself and doesn't like noise.  Yoda likes exploring.

I had a Mexican walking fish who died after the earthquake, he was about 15 years old.  I now have two new Axolotls.  They are called Shaky and Quaky.


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