The Clown that came to school

Today a clown called Squirt came to school. He was really funny because he strapped a fake mouth on Tania and she sounded like a man. She danced to music from the iPod.  feet were really big and colourful. Squirt was funny with rabbits. He made them disappear and made three of them appear out of McKenzie's hand. I was at keyboard lessons when it started. We didn't know he was coming. It was the funniest day of my life. Paul thanked them for coming to Freeville school for funniness. Dru

I liked the clown because it was funny for the children. I liked the end of it because it was really funny. Jacob L

The Clown was really funny at our school.  He did magic! Neco

I think it was so funny and the best part were the rabbits. Manaia

The funniest part was when Squirt was going to pull an adorable rabbit out of a hat, but it turned out to be an ugly monster rabbit. Beth

Click below to watch our slideshow.


  1. He looks almost as funny as Beths dad!! Neil

  2. The clown looked funny. Amber-Rose

  3. I like the cool title "the clown came to school" Dru


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