Emily the Zookeeper

Emily's face is round like a gumball (not as chewy). Her hair is as black as the night sky.  Her shirt is purple, like the purple in a rainbow.  Her nose is as small as a crumb.  Emily's skin is soft as a pillow.  Her pants are white like a piece of tissue paper.  She moves quietly like a mouse.

Emily is a Zookeeper.  She talks shyly and quietly.  She usually holds her favourite animal at the zoo Licky the bush baby.  In her spare time she likes to watch TV with her family and draw.  She treats everyone how she would like be treated.
Licky is Emily’s pet
Licky’s face is round.
Her eyes are just like eggs.
Licky’s nose is as small as Emily’s.  
Licky only has three teeth that aren’t shown very much.
Licky likes spending time with Emily.  She likes eating sweets and fruits, and she likes  Emily’s family and friends.  She dosen’t like other zookeepers or animals’ that tease her.  She doesn't like eating vegetables.

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