Mr Matt

Mr Matt can't even walk one step. He can't jump higher than a germ.  When he walks he goes 0 mm per year. He is as small as his brother. His hands are as small as half a brick. Mr Matt is weak, weaker than a baby. His hair is the same as his face, brown. 

Mr Matt's shirt is as green as green, but greaser than clean. He tries to play rugby, but every time he gets the ball he drops it. When he plays cricket he takes his whole life to bowl one ball.  At  soccer he gets the ball and scores a goal for the other team.   At basketball he doesn't even move. He also forgets what way he needs to shoot the ball and once scored 60 points for the other team.

1 comment:

  1. Love your Mr Matt - I don't think he will get in your cricket team.



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