Sam the Cyclops

Sam the cyclops has a head like an oval, but at the top it is flat. He has no hair because he is bald.  Sam used to have an afro, but he shaved it in the 90’s. His single eye is as black as the night sky. Sam’s nose got removed in surgery. He got it removed because it was very badly infected. Sam's skin is yellow and his arms are black. Sam’s legs are as brown as Michael Jackson's were as a kid. His mouth got stitched up because of a car accident. 
He usually walks around naked because cyclops people don’t wear clothes. He does great exercises every morning because he would like to become a body-builder.  Sam never goes anywhere without his helpful friend, Starfy the starfish. 
Sam has slightly webbed feet, but he can run super fast. He talks through brilliant sign language. Sam is a minor league boxer.
Sam behaves super politely. He shows his feelings through body language. He treats everyone he meets like an old friend. Sam loves watching movies, but he hates bullies.

1 comment:

  1. I wish I had a friend like starfy starfish!

    Shaun Carter


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