Dahllia Ashleigh Rochelle Katelyns stereotype groups =)

On Thursday the 2nd September 2010 we had our learning celebration.  Rochelle, Ashleigh, Katelyn and I were doing stereotypes. Rochelle and I went to Room 16 and did a survey on them. We found out that boys and girls like different things! We asked six questions to the children and then we graphed our results. We stuck it on our display boards.  After that both groups made a non stereotypical toy. By Dahllia

Our learning celebration was from 3.15 to 4.30 pm.  Katelyn and I went and surveyed children from Room 13 and 14.  We asked 12 children.  To make it fair we pulled their names out of a bag. Katelyn and I had made up 11 questions for them to answer.  Most of the boys said that pink is a girls colour.  The girls said that blue and green are boys colours!  After we finished Katelyn and I went and started our graphs. By Ashleigh

Our display board

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