Bath Bombz and Soap

Our inquiry theme is 'Express Yourself.'  Since it's the school fair we'll be looking at how we can express ourselves through the senses.  We've been given the job of creating luscious soaps and smelly bath bombz.
Check out The Whiteboard Witch.  Do you remember our soaps from last year?  
Lemongrass soap with minty drop-ins
Strawberry soap
Orange soap with koru patterns
Heart bombz with pansy petals


  1. Hello! I think those soaps look great! especially the strawberry soap. Good color combination too.

  2. Hi I'm Jessica! I really liked your soaps! How do you make them? I really liked all the color patterns! They're so beautiful!!1 Come check out are blog at Tell us what New Zealand is like (since we live in United States). Hope to hear from you!


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