Surprise Children.....

Congratulations from Miss K!!!!!!

You are the joint first place winners of the NZTA movie competition - 'Children Making Safer Journeys.'

I am very proud of you all.  To visit the NZTA Education site click here.

To see some 'behind the scene,' photos and posts click here.


  1. We just watched this and are VERY impressed with the colourful and clever movie. We had to watch it twice it was so good! Congratulations Room 8! Paul and Gina (Tiana's family)

  2. Great effort, Room 8! We are very proud of Ryan "Francis Ford Coppola" Bell for his part in making this movie happen. And thanks, Elizabeth, for making these wonderful opportunities happen for our children!!!

  3. Wow, we watched it a few times too! FANTASTIC movie we loved it...Thanks Elizabeth for the time and effort you put into our children and you are giving them such awesome skills. Room 8 we are proud of you all, congratulations!! You deserve it! Rebecca and Patrick.

  4. Congratulations Elizabeth and Room 8 for your wonderful Safety movie. Your message was clear and the graphics were great to watch.
    Mrs Douglas


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