Movie Making: Children making Safer Journeys

To make the Safer Journeys movie I had to write the story and script with Amelia and Caitlin.  I think it's hard to write the story for a movie because it was hard to get ideas.  Luckily children had made storyboards.

We had to create the puppets by drafting them and putting the good copy on cardboard.  I created the 'Car Hippie' backdrop.  I had to draw a house, a garage and the road.  Then I had to cover the pencil lines in vivid and colour the things in.  Then I dyed the paper with a group of children.  We had to wait to record our voices because there were machines outside our classroom trying to fix the court.

When we finally recorded our voices I had to edit the movie by cropping it, putting in the soundtrack and choosing the good footage.  Then the teacher showed the class and Thomas' little brother the finished product. Click here to watch our Movie.

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