Footbag Fun!

Yesterday a man called Phil came over to our school. He is really good at Foot bag (which is also known as Hacky Sack).  Phil is the champion of two competitions is New Zealand and Australia.  He was also came 4th in the World Championships.

When we school started we all went over to the learning studio and Phil was there. He did his show with the Footbag. A couple of hours later Phil came to our class to teach us some tricks. We all got a ball each then he blew his whistle and that told us to hold the Footbag up in the air. Then he taught us some tricks. First he taught us about the knee-bump, then he taught us the toe-kick.

Click here to watch Phil and his Footbag skills.

Where has the Footbag gone?
Can I kick the Footbag up and catch it with my hand?


  1. The Footbag was fun and Phil was really good. Liam

  2. I liked doing the Footbag too. The tricks were hard. Olivia

  3. I thought foot bag was fun too the tricks were cool I never thought I could do that thanx phil for teaching us how .Kimiya

  4. Looks like heaps of fun guys! Suzy


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