Treasures from the Olden Days...

Anthony came to our school and showed us what old treasures are.  He users showed us old clothes.  Boys used to dressed until they were 5 years old.  Women wore under garments and twelve petty coats with a  woollen dress.   

They wore a corset on their waist.  The boys used to wear leather pants with straps up to their shoulders,  blue t-shirts and dark blue jackets over top.  Anthony also showed us what they used for a washing board and a vacuum cleaner that you have to smack against a rug to get rid of the dust.   

He showed us an old camera.  You had to stand there for a minute before it took the photo. When the English came to Christchurch, on a ship, there was one cabin called cabin class.  This was for the rich people.  They had servants and fresh milk and eggs.  They were the lucky ones, but they were under the poop deck.  The bad thing was that the pooh and wee came through the roof at night.  One adult had an umbrella over his head.  That was funny!   

What ladies used to wear, very heavy!
Some treasures from Early Canterbury....can you see what they would use for  a vacuum cleaner?
Early settlers didn't wear shoes, the Maori people made shoes like this


  1. I had know I dear when I walked in but when I walked out I did so i'm glad you came kimiya

  2. I liked it and I learnt what they used to use. Ryan R


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