Our Mums

Here's some of the things we want to say about our Mum's:
  • really good at reading
  • amazing at art
  • likes to bake
  • caring
  • loving
  • a funny sense of humour
  • a jelly bean eater
  • as adventurous as a cat
  • understands everything we say
  • New Zealand's fry cook
  • as pretty as an angle
  • kind
  • awesome at cooking sausages
  • amazing at drama
  • she puts makeup on before she goes to work
  • good at knitting
  • her smile is big
  • likes PS 3
  • awesome cooking skills
  • she's a seashell
  • a cooking champion
  • she's really good at art
  • likes to wear black and dark lipstick
  • likes to bake cupcakes
  • loves bike riding

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