Beanies for Bedtime Project

'To promote the old idea of wearing a hat at night to help stay warm given that many homes are not as warm as they were pre earthquakes.'

Today we got a huge surprise.  Ngarie and her friend came and gave us all beanies.  We had got beanies because some of us might have very cold houses in the winter and some people might have houses that have no power. When we saw the hats we were very excited to try the beanies and our table was the third one to try the beanies.   I chose one that was green, brown and red.  Other people got blue and purple, but others were mostly red. There were labels on all of the beanies.  Mine came from Sally of Redcliffs.

Thanks to all of the knitters who made the beanies we were given.

This is the places and knitters we got our beanies from:
Christchurch Methodist Parish,  Sally of Redcliffs, Canterbury Can from Hawarden, Tauranga, Mrs McDonagh from New Plymouth, Chartwell Parish in Hamilton, Lois from New Brighton, Dunedin, Ann from Christchurch, Trinity Church Torbay Auckland, Gwen of Mairehau, Billy of Canterbury and Jan of Hamilton.


  1. I love the awsome photos. Dru

  2. That is awsome. Dru

  3. I love the beanies. What kind and generous women they were to do this for us.


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