The Waterhole...

At camp we did all sorts of things, like bivvy building, riffle shooting, archery, orienteering, hobo stoves, herbivores & carnivores, waterhole, team building, confidence course and ropes and swings.

 My favourite activity was probably bivvy building. You make a bivvy with tarpaulin and string. Then go under it and the lady who was running it poured water over it. If you get wet you didn't make it and if you don't well... good work! Maddy and I made a bivvy together and didn't get wet.

 My next favourite activity was archery. It was a lot of fun, but Ross who did archery talked a lot. When we rotated my group had to stay and do another round. I LOVED the waterhole, it was so much fun. I went down the mini water slide and swung on the rope, but the water was so so so cold! After the water hole all of us went to the giant water slide it was so big!

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